The 7 Types Of Girls In Every Bridal Party

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If youre getting married or have already put that nail in the coffin tied the knot, you likely had bridesmaids. I had nine. Thats beside the point. Every bride has a unique personality and, therefore, very unique bridesmaids to help out on her special day. Regardless, though, you cannot deny that your bridesmaids or bachelorette attendees fell into these categories. Was Stacy the party animal you lost in Nashville during the bachelorette? Was Lindsey the thirst trap social media stalker who put up WAY too many pictures of you before the rehearsal dinner? Did Jessica just get high and act super chill no matter what you told her to do? Read on to figure out which bridal party archetype you and your besties are. 


1. The Social Media Guru

She made a Snapchat filter for your bachelorette, wedding, shower, and everything in between. She has shared no less than five social media posts the day before each large event featuring a picture of herself and the bride with a paragraph about friendship. She almost tripped and fell into an open manhole because she was checking you into a restaurant on FourSquare. She has more pics of your wedding than your photographer.

2. The Control Freak

This could be the bride, but theres at least one in every group. She made a fucking Google map of your stops on the bachelorette trip. Shes got reservations at at least three restaurants/bars each night in case one doesnt pan out. Shes got transportation covered. Shes slightly manic but youre going to be organized, goddamnit. She has sent out no less than three emails covering the event at hand, ensuring everyone has a) paid for their stay, b) has the T-shirts she ordered, and c) knows how to get to the hotel. She had her bridesmaids dress the day after she found out about your engagement.

3. The Outsider

Who even is she? You definitely went to school with her or knew her at some point in your life, and, yeah, shes fun, but shes clearly is not part of the new dynamic. She clings to the bride, afraid of interacting with the others. She laughs at everyones jokes, even though half of them, like, arent funny. Shes desperate for attention in a cute way. We still love her.

4. The Party Animal

Once you unleash her, she cannot be tamed. Shes making friends at the bar, on the sidewalk, at the club, in the Uber while telling stories about her house/dog/favorite restaurant/former relationships. Shes the one searching for a strip club (or stripper pole) at 2am or trying to climb on a table at the piano bar to flash strangers. Shes a champ. Shes ordering shots you dont want and harassing anyone who says theyre tired before 4am. She can shotgun a beer, get lost in a foreign city, find her way back, and be ready for more. Shes an unstoppableand franky, terrifyingforce.

5. The Mom

Shes literally the one holding the brides hair back while shes vomming during the bachelorette (thanks, Beth). She can be counted on to have fun, get drunk, but still be so goddamn responsible that everyone gets home/back to the hotel without dying. She somehow has tissues and/or plastic bags for clean-ups (shit happens) and never really yells or gets upset. Shes just disappointed. But shes a cool mom.

6. The Literal Mom

She either just got married and/or just had a baby, and clearly thats the focus. She doesnt come to any of the events but somehow gets her shit together for the wedding day. She tells you that itll go so fast and to hold on to special moments while figuring out a breast pump. She was a regular on Tinder and at drunk brunch, but now shes a stay-at-home-mom who makes color-coded grocery lists and reads about the benefits of raw diets for newborns.

7. The Chill One

No matter what youve thrown at her, she rolls with it. You definitely switched the hairstyles for your bridesmaids four times, insisted they buy Miu Miu nude heels, and changed up dresses last minute and shes cool with it. Shes come to every event, not made a giant deal about it, and is she high? Yah, shes just really high.

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