“Pretty Little Liars” Is Hinting At This Shocking A.D

There’s only one episode ofleft, and roughly 50 million questions that still need to be answered. But the most pressing question, of course, is exactly who A.D. is

For a few episodes there, the final sceneswere making it seem as if genius Queen Mona was the big bad, but I think we all knew that would betooeasy.has never made things easy on fans, especially when it comes to the identity of A. So when it started teasing Mona as A.D. a few episodes ago, it had all the makings of a red herring.Spoilers for Farewell, My Lovelyahead.

Ultimately, Mona was revealed to be up to , but noteverything. It turns out, she was the person who killed Charlotte though it was (sort of?) an accident in an attempt to protect the Liars from further torture. While it’s a relief to know that Mona didn’t return to her black hoodie ways, that means the real villain is still out there, and one theory is only getting stronger as the series finale inches closer. Are you ready?

A lot of fans out there are starting to theorize, and worry, that Ezra is A.D. on

There’s a lot of evidence to support this theory, as Bustle pointed out, and it only grew in Farewell, My Lovely. So first, the basics.

As Amandask1984 highlightedon Reddit, Ezra’s last name is actually Fitzgerald, which makes the last letters of his first and last names A.D. Then, as Redditor CeCeIsNotCharles pointed out, in the June 13 episode, Ariadonned a black hoodie and said goodbye to Ezra, only to receive a text from A.D. saying that the uniform looked good on her. Hmmm, who was the only person to see her in said uniform?


And let’snot forget the wayA.D. blackmailedAria. She was essentially forced to choose between her friends and Ezra. If she chose Ezra, she would be hurting her friends and increasing the likelihood of them going to jail. If she choseher friends, she would go to jail too.

If Ezra was A.D., wouldn’t this be aperfectly twisted test of Aria’s loyalty? If she chose him, she’d be free and they could live their lives together, without her friendsin the way. If she chose her friends, she would be punished. Then, aftershe did choose him but tried to turn herself in anyway, A.D. stopped her.

If she’d already done theirbidding, why would A.D.care if Aria went to jail? There has to be a reason they’d want her free, and being in love with her is a pretty good reason.


That brings us, finally, to the penultimate episode. ThoughEzra didn’t do anything overtly shady except for trying to stop Aria from turning herself in, just like A.D. did there was a clue that seems to pointto him. When Hannaand Caleb went to Mona’s apartment, the game had been replaced with a note that read, Time for pie. Be there.

What character has been linked to pie in shady ways before?!



YUP. Ezra. Back when we first thought he was A (but he was actually just writing a creepy book), Spencer pieced it together because Ali’s diary describeda guy she called Board Shorts who always ordered boysenberry pie at a bar. That was revealed to be Ezra.

There’s also been mention of Ezra and Aria bringing each other pie and just generally being weirdly into pie. And that’s not all.

Ezra’s alibi for the time of Charlotte’s death was literally that he was eating pie. He was in a pie shop having a long conversation with a stranger and therefore couldn’t have killed her.



It may seem strange to hinge the answer to a mystery seven seasons in the making on a dessert, but this isEven the smallest details can be significant and if I. Marlene King really has been planning the A.D. reveal all along,Ezra’s love of pie is much more than a quirk. It’s proof.


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