Now Donald Trump Is Saying There Are No James Comey ‘Tapes’! WTF?!


Donald Trump is losing his mind from all these Washington leakers exposing his presidency for the rusty joke that it is.

After firing James Comey last month, the President seemingly threatened the former FBI Director with the existence of certain “tapes” of their conversations.

During Comey’s testimony, in which he claimed POTUS encouraged him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation and relieve pressure’ with Russia, Comey said he was unaware of any such tapes — but lordy, did he hope they existed!

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Following the testimony, Trump once again teased the existence of the elusive tapes, launching officials and reporters on a witch hunt to find these recordings. Eventually, the Secret Service announced they couldn’t find any such tapes between Trump and Comey.

And because Trump is now apparently so disoriented he forgot how this entire ordeal started, the Big Cheeto made it clear that HE never made such recordings either! Wait, what?

On Thursday, he tweeted:

Uh… we already know that, dummy! Why the fuck would you record conversations that expose your corrupt ass??

This whole endeavor was like bluffing AFTER showing your hand

It seems like Trump is attempting to do two things here: remind us that he’s been the victim of leaks — which are ONLY supposed to be used to sabotage Hillary Clinton! — and try to spin what started out as a threat into an illusion that he’s actually trustworthy.

We know your slimeball tactics better than you think, Donny!

Maybe he finally realized the things he said were more damaging to him? Or maybe he’s genuinely confused by his own bullshit narrative this point…

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