KFC is sending a chicken sandwich to the edge of spacehere’s how to watch it live

KFCis finally putting its chicken sandwich where it belongs: at the edge of space. In its latest endeavor to grab your attention, the fast food chain will strap a fried piece of poultry to a high-altitude balloon and launch it into the stratosphere.

The original marketing stunt/science project was scheduled for June 20, but hadto be pushed back to June 22 because of bad weather. It has now been delayed a second time. The livestream displayed a message earlier today stating, “Unfortunately, the weather will not permit us to launch today. We will announce another launch date soon. Stay spicy.”

“Launch postponed. But mankind has waited an eternity to launch a Zinger into space, so a little longer cant hurt. New launch date to come,” KFC wrote on its site.

KFC will eventually livestream the event at kfcinspace.com and on social media.

When it does launch, the Spicy Zinger Chicken Sandwich will float in the upper atmosphere for a couple of days before free-falling back to Earth at 2,000 feet per second.

Sure, this whole chicken sandwich payload is a bit funny, Taber MacCallum, CTO at World View, said in a company statement. But, KFC gets to embark upon a one-of-a-kind marketing experiment, while we get to pursue our first multi-day shakedown cruise in the stratosphere. Its a win for all.

The stunt is part of a serious effort by World View Enterprise to launch a high-altitude balloon about 100,000 feet in the air. Its goal is to eventually keep balloons floating on the edge of space for months at a time, providing communication services and scanning the Earth. The balloons could even provide critical communications assistance in regions that face natural disasters. Previous tests kept the balloons floating for hours, but KFC’s chicken flight will hover for four whole days.

The company eventually wants to take humans to the upper atmosphere for an out-of-this-world view. You can already buy tickets for $75,000 that come with Wi-Fi, a bar, and bathroom.You’ll be closer to the sun when you are up there, so make sure to bring along yourfried chicken-scented sunscreen.

Keep an eye on this article for the new launch date and updated links to the livestream.

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