James Comey Was Not The Only Law Enforcement Official Donald Trump Inappropriately Called


You may remember a big story a few weeks back about how The Donald’s administration had fired a TON of U.S. Attorneys, including a man named Preet Bharara, who at the time had been the federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York with a jurisdiction over Manhattan — Trump’s home.

It was a shocker considering that initially, Trump had specifically asked Bharara to stay on as a U.S. Attorney back in January, only to then pull the plug weeks later and deciding to up and fire the prosecutor with no warning.

Now, we might know a little more about why.

Just as was the case with Trump apparently trying to exert undue influence over James Comey in a bid to get the FBI head to stop investigating Michael Flynn and the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, it appears the Prez

Watch this interview that Bharara just gave Sunday morning on ABC NewsThis Week (below):


Nothing outwardly illegal at this point — but certainly highly ill-advised and unethical, and perhaps worse.

What’s lurking beneath?? And what does Trump have to say about all this?

Nothing, of course (below):

Ol’ Donald, still as crazy and dumpy as ever.

…And still tweeting away like a nincompoop.

When do we get a real President again?

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