Don’t see ‘The Mummy,’ just read Gail Simone’s scathing Twitter review

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The Mummy reboot, which launches Universals Dark Universe, failed to woo criticssome of whom suggestedviewers watch the Brendan Fraser Mummy series insteadand faltered at the U.S. box office next to Wonder Woman. But if you were still morbidly curious about the film, comic book writer Gail Simones scathing review can handily illustrate the experience of watching The Mummy without you actually having to watchThe Mummy.

Simone, whos written Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Red Sonja, and Secret Six, went to see the new Tom Cruise flickon its opening weekend. Here are her thoughtseach one more vivid than the next.






At this point, Simones descriptions are already painting a beautifully horrific picture, with each comparison even more grotesque than the last. The way she describes it, The Mummy sounds like a next-level mess with extremely low expectations of terribleness both met and surpassed.

But the more creative Simone gets with her review the more fascinating it becomes. Could it be that bad?




Simone later clarified that while she had fun atThe Mummy , it was still pretty bad overall.




It almost makes us want to see how bad it really is. Almost.

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