Dionne Warwick Just Discovered Who Cardi B And Offset Are And Im Howling At Her Tweets About It – BuzzFeed

They don’t call Dionne the “Queen of Twitter” for no reason.

Even though Cardi B and Offset are hip-hop royalty, there are still some people out there who are just finding out about them — including musical great and A+ Twitter user Dionne Warwick.

And it didn’t take long after for Warwick to become a fan of Cardi B.

Cardi B is authentically herself 😂❤️. I have only seen video clips. No music yet. More on this tomorrow…

Twitter/ @dionnewarwick / Via Twitter: @dionnewarwick

There was just one thing she was stuck on:

Twitter/ @dionnewarwick / Via instagram.com

She did have one parting note on this topic, though, which she offered with some sound advice:

I do not like the mean responses. Cardi B and Offset are human beings with feelings. Keep it kind. ❤️

Twitter/ @dionnewarwick / Via Twitter: @dionnewarwick

Warwick’s reaction to her latest discovery is just another reason why I love her so much! So far, the best part of this decade is her Twitter timeline.

Twitter/ @dionnewarwick / Via Twitter: @dionnewarwick

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