Briefingday Edition 2020-08-24

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Uncertain Times Der Spiegel Interviews Fauci How Navalny Revolutionized Politics, Before His Poisoning Death Threats Part of the Job for Election Administrators Splash! Virus Spawns Portable Pool Fad in Spain Is This the End for the Gig Economy? Why Do People Take Selfies? The Text That Stoked Modern Antisemitism Magnum Interviews: Dispatches From the End of Communication Hong Kong’s Protest Playbook Is Spreading Everywhere Work Hard and Get Rich (Or More Likely, Die Trying) Longread: What Happened in Room 10? US Border Patrol: Traveler Emails, Stored for 75 Years Reading the Inflation Tea Leaves Good Idea or Bad Idea? Visualizing the Who and What of Cable TV News The Age of “Whatever It Takes” Economic Policies Why Humanity Destroyed Itself Flat Earth “Science”: Wrong, but Not Stupid Blockchain, the Amazing Solution for Almost Nothing FDA Whistleblower: Commerce, Corruption, Death Meet the Star Witness: Your Smart Speaker How Distant Wildfires Harm Your Health The Summer Sequels That Were One Too Many How Dollar Stores Conquered America MegaMilk: Consolidation in U.S. Dairy Industry In Moscow, a Woman Devotes Her Life to Saving Dogs When the Dog Finds a Frog So Now You’re Followin
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