Briefingday Edition 2020-07-26

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Plandemic Is Coming to a TV Near You Is the Handshake Ready to Bow Out? Opinion: America Is Coming Apart. EU Is Coming Together What Could Drive Humans to Extinction? Der Spiegel on Trump as a Crisis Manager U.S. Eyes Building Nuclear Power Plants on the Moon, Mars The History of New York’s Legendary Punk Hotline Chinese Propaganda Posters From the Cultural Revolution Straightforward vs. Complicated People An Inside Look at V-J Day Have I Become a Bourgeois Cliche? An Illustrated Police Equipment Catalogue From 1891 The Dollar Determines Cubans’ Everyday Lives Playful Origami Using Banknotes Empty Stands, Masked Players as Baseball Returns Map of Imperial Density Retro Watch: Work From Home Predictions, 1974 Owls Are the Cats of the Sky
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