Briefingday Edition 2020-07-15

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Is Moderna’s Vaccine Market-Moving Good? The Latest Covid Party Story Gets a Twist What Makes People Avoid the News? Opinion: The Pioneers of the Misinformation Industry The Renewed Dependency on Mercenary Fighters The Pleasure Principle: Why Restaurants Matter Jaw-Dropping Global Crash in Children Being Born Is It Time to Kill the Penny? Airlines’ Protocol for After a Plane Crash Myspace Wasn’t a Simpler Time, We Were Just Teenagers Beaming WiFi Down to Earth From Giant Balloons The Arts Are Big Business — And in Real Trouble How a Small Arab Nation Built a Mars Mission From Scratch The Inexorable Rise of Alternative Histories on TV TikTok Generation Inverted the Dynamic of Child Stardom Biotech: Breast Milk Without the Breast? Watch: HoHos / the Big Turnaround Just a Goat Dressed as a Tractor
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