Briefingday Edition 2020-07-08

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Understanding the Pandemic Stock Market A Mathematician’s Guide to How Contagion Spreads What to Do With the World’s Cruise Ships? The Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley The People Who Imagine Disasters Backgrounder: U.S. Temporary Foreign Worker Visa The Journey of a Single Burger During a Pandemic We’re Going to Run Out of TV How the Beauty of Wine Will Be Wasted on the Wealthy Why I Don’t Have a Child Japan Increased Immigration and No One Protested Post Office Delivery Trucks Keep Catching on Fire Why Social Justice Feels Like Self-Help to Privileged Women Anatomy of a Fake News Headline America’s Opinion of China Continues to Slide Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Is Environmental Catastrophe Witty Captions, $5 Lone Webmaster Keeps the Dream of Woodstock ’99 Alive Eddie Plays a Little Differently From Other Dogs
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