Briefingday Edition 2020-07-04

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Opinion: Let’s Cancel the 4th of July This Year Freedom Is Dying in Hong Kong, if Anybody Cares Hot Dogs, the Jewish American Fast Food Economic Recovery Requires More Than Reopening Shops Stats: Americans & Patriotism The Face of the Fish 40: The Walkman Taught the World to Socially Distance Scammer: The Fyre Festival of Pizza Europe’s Last Night Watchmen The Forgotten Story of a Deranged Theme Park Notes on the Psychology of Gambling What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country? The Origins of Chain Letters Backstory on the Facebook Ad Boycott Are Geo-Blocked Concerts the Future of Music? The Backyard Mini-Pool Is Back The Many People Who Failed to Launch a 4th TV Network Cars: Heated Seats as a Service? Free Is Not the Default Retro Surfin’: Dark Age of the Web Dad Made His Son a Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant
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