Briefingday Edition 2020-06-28

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Why Reopenings Looks So Different Around the World German Slaughterhouses: The High Price of Cheap Meat How Conspiracy Theories Emerge and Fall Apart Corporate Boycotts Expose an Inconvenient Truth Higher Ed: Enough Already What Happens When Psychoanalysis Moves Onto Zoom? The Great Forgetting Time to Reclaim the Meaning of the Word Entrepreneur Dark Days Inside the Cinema Business Ideal Evenings for Most Americans: TV & Family 7 Reasons for Stock Market Turbulence Next Week Alzheimer’s: Holding on and Holding Still Restaurants Struggle to Find Employees Haunted Hotel Rooms Gigapixel: The Last Supper Scamming Pizza Hut Was My Family Tradition 1959 Curtiss-Wright Model 2500 Air-Car Canada’s Forgotten Universal Basic Income Experiment Banned: Implanting Workers With Microchips 2 Hours Worth of Lightining in One Pic Photographing All 10,532 Objects in the House DIY: 8-Track Tape Walkman 3 Minutes: Baby Animals Are Pure Joy
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