Briefingday Edition 2020-06-12

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Don’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste How Sweden’s Herd Immunity Strategy Has Backfired How to Go on Holiday in a Pandemic The Problem With Evidence Based Policy The Takedown of Europe’s Multi-Billion Eel Mafia Scientists to Build Noah’s Ark for Human Microbiome Pepsi’s $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots The Fight for Workplace Safety at Amazon France Personality Vectors Reddit Thread: White House Diversity Inside the Border Security Expo The Basic Shield Airlines Might Use to Protect Passengers Where Did Zip Codes Come From? How Much Would You Spend to Save Your Pet’s Life? How Indiana Jones’s Fedora Became an Artifact Dorsey’s Experiment for Billionaires to Give Away Their Money A Pivotal Year for Street Photography Watch: 127-Year-Old Nunnery Moved to New Address Artvee — Download Public Domain Artworks An Ode to Mac and Cheese
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