BingeWorthy 2

I just flipped the switch, now the new version of BingeWorthy for TV has replaced the previous version. I think it’s reliable enough to use going forward.

If you had an account on the original BingeWorthy, you should have one here as well. Most of what you did on the old BW has been ported to the new one, automatically.

Notes on the new version.

  • Your prefs start over. So you should visit Settings, in the system menu, the one you use to log in via Twitter, at the right edge of the menu bar.
  • Also, any ratings added in the previous version after August 5 are not preserved. That’s when I ported the data.
  • There is no concept of a private profile in this version. Your ratings are public. So people can walk a web of programs and people, as a way to look for new programs to binge, as well as finding people with similar tastes. Another form of serendipity. Finding out a close friend hates a program you think the best.
  • You can share anything you can see, and most of it can be read without logging in. For example, here are my ratings. And here’s the page for The Sopranos. You can do a lot of surfing from those two links, wtihout logging in. You must log in to do your own ratings, of course.
  • You can add programs to the database without my approval. This is a huge deal, because it’s what kept the first BW from growing. People would recommend programs I knew nothing about. Which meant I had to discuss each one, and that grew really tiresome. After a while I stopped looking at the suggestions, realizing it was a deal-stopper for the product. First you have to find a page for the show on Metacritic. Then paste the URL of the page into a dialog in BingeWorthy. Look in the menu for Submit a program.
  • I’ve learned a lot about programming SQL since doing the fit BingeWorthy, so I have been able to streamline the server, factoring, producing a new package, davesql, which anyone can use, and it’ll make other projects I have that use SQL easier to upgrade and maintain. The two major ones are River6 and feedBase. I plan to revisit each of those products after BingeWorthy settles down.
  • The Docs for now are in the GitHub thread we’ve used for support. Ask questions there, report bugs. Eventually I’ll rewrite the official docs, and put that on, and point to that instead. Consider this version beta, the product is almost done, but we’re watching for problems, and expect to find them.
  • The version number is 2.0.0. Like an odometer rolling over. 🚀

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