6 Breathtaking Pools Across The Globe You Have To Dive Into This Summer

Whether youre a pool person or an ocean person, theres no doubt summer is the prime time to break out the sunscreen and cool off in the water.

Finding beautiful places to swim can prove to be rather challenging, though.

There are a lot of nice pools anywhere you go, but few of them possess the aesthetic qualities to truly impress.All pools are created equal.

Here are six breathtaking pools across the globe you have to add to your bucket list.

1. Hearst Castle Pool, California


In 1919, publisher William Randolph Hearst inherited a beautiful stretch ofland around San Simeon, California. He ordered for the construction of a large estate, which he namedLa Cuesta Encantada, aka, Enchanted Hill.

Today, we know this landmark to beHearst Castle.

Hearst Castles Roman Pool is an indoor mosaic pool designed to look like an exquisite ancient Roman bath. Eight statues of Roman goddesses, gods, and heroes adorn the walls surrounding the pool, and the mosaic patterns are truly a remarkable sight.

2. Hotel Molitor, Paris


La Piscine Molitorwas the focal point of Parisian fashion, with its long decks and rich history. It was built in 1929, but was abandoned in the 1980s as it fell out of popularity.

In 2007, French designerJean-Philippe Nuel of Agence Nuel renovated the existing building into a beautiful hotel with 124 rooms. Instead of completely modernizing the facilities, Nuel left remnants of the buildings past throughout the property.

3. Aquaria Grande, Mumbai


Plans for thisultra-luxurious apartment buildingare seriouslymaking waves, and they should be on your bucket list, too.

In addition to an opulent living space, each apartment comes with its own pool, where a balcony should be.

Balconies are so overrated anyway, am I right? The poolshave garnered much attentiononline for their sleek, modern design.

4. St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet


The Gold Energy Pool in this luxury resort spotlightsviews of some of Tibets most famous attractions. Its a relaxation pool meant for wading instead of swimming, and is less than 5 feet deep.

While lounging poolside, guests can enjoy food, drinks, or a revitalizing foot massage. Im so there.

5. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia


This Caribbean paradisehas private infinity pools for guests. Their sizes range from 400 to 900 square feet, and themulti-colored fiber optics feature creates a glowing haven once nighttime rolls around.

Colorful tiles and a unique infinity design channels an ultimate sensory experience for guests. Each pool has individually sterilized and filtered water to avoid anything icky.

6.San Alfonso del Mar Resort, Chile


Not only is this the worlds largest outdoor swimming pool, but its probably one of the prettiest, too. Also, its unnecessarily deep (115 feet), because why not?

This pool uses 66 million gallons of water that it obtains straight from the sea. The water is filtered to ensure maximum cleanliness.


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