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Driving on the Masspike yesterday, going west, listening to the audiobook of the People’s History, when a phone call comes in. Looks like spam so I don’t answer. Then the car’s audio, coming from my fully updated iPhone XS Max, via CarPlay switches over to the Podcast app, and plays an episode of The Daily podcast, an episode I didn’t want listen to, and there’s nothing I can do until I can stop the car and reactivate the Audible app, about 15 miles of driving. To be very clear, it should have resumed the book, which was interrupted, not start a podcast. This is the kind of software lunacy that never gets fixed. Next year they’ll revamp the OS of the car, or the phone, or switch the processor, or get rid of iTunes or Cookie Dough or whatever, and more stuff will break, and the process will continue next year and the year after, and it will not have been worth it. At some point some adult will run Apple, someone who can’t be bluffed on software, will tell the engineers to shut up and eat your vegetables, you can watch TV when you finish your homework. It’s an analogy. You can figure it out. 🚀
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