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I’m always looking for a good binge, and I found one. The second season of Homecoming is out, on Amazon. I started it the other night instead of watching the news. I had forgotten most of the plot of the first season, I remember liking it, but it didn’t leave much of an impression. The second season is nicely done, has a Mr Robotish feel, there’s a constant stream of twists and surprises, it’s fun and so far intellectually gratifying, and it reviews the plot of season 1 as it goes. We have an inkling of how it will end because the first episode is about how it ends, or so we are led to believe. I don’t know otherwise because I still have a few episodes to go. But nothing in this show is a straight line, and as I said it’s well done. I especially like the end of each episode. They end with a twist, but they stay wtih the scene as the credits roll. I had not seen this technique before.
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