Billie Eilish Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel For Making Her “Look Stupid” With Van Halen Questions in Past Interview – Hollywood Reporter

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While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, Billie Eilish wanted to clear up any confusion about her previous interview on the show. 

During her conversation with Kimmel, Eilish switched topics and asked, “Wait, really quick, do you remember last time I was here?” After Kimmel confirmed, she added, “And you made me look a little stupid,” referring to her 2019 interview where she struggled to answer 1980s trivia questions. 

The host responded, “Well, yeah, accidentally. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Eilish, who was 17 at the time, said, “I thought it was funny because I was playing along, and everybody thought I was actually serious and didn’t know anything.” Kimmel recalled the singer not being familiar with Van Halen. “I did know [them]. Yes, there was a lot things you asked, and I was like, ‘I don’t know,’” she said jokingly.

Kimmel told Eilish people “jumped down your throat” for lack of knowledge about the group. 

“It was funny,” she said. “I didn’t really care.”

The pair also discussed Eilish recently attending the London premiere for No Time to Die. The singer co-wrote the film’s theme song with her brother, Finneas O’Connell, which earned them a Grammy earlier this year for best song written for visual media. Eilish spoke about meeting the royals during the James Bond event and said, “There was a whole list of things I had to follow.” She admitted she planned on adhering to the rules, but “they were just so normal.”

She explained, “They didn’t make me feel like, ‘Oh, I’m scared I can’t talk to them.’ They [were] just complementary and they had all these questions for me. They were just very friendly and funny and sweet. I can’t complain. It was amazing.”

The interview ended with Eilish and Kimmel transitioning to another part of the stage labeled “Billie’s Bucket List.” Kimmel read off items from a list she compiled in 2014  that she had yet to complete, like cutting someone’s hair and getting a mouse. One of her remaining to-dos was “punch someone.”

Kimmel said, “I think you should punch me because I’m probably the strongest person here. And don’t hold back. You just go ahead. I’m like a seal.”

After confirming he was serious, Eilish said, “The goal is for the face but I’m not gonna do that to you,” before winding up and hitting him. 

Watch the interview below.

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