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This James Bond prefers his martinis shaken not stirred and his bars gay not straight.

“No Time To Die” star Daniel Craig said on a podcast posted this week that queer nightlife has played a large role in his life and has helped him avoid brawls. (Listen to the interview below.)

“I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember,” the 53-year-old actor told Bruce Bozzi on the “Lunch with Bruce” podcast. “One of the reasons (is) because I don’t get into fights in gay bars that often. … The aggressive dick swinging in hetero bars, I just got very sick of it as a kid because it’s like I don’t want to end up being in a punch-up. And I did. That would happen quite a lot.”

A gay bar “would just be a good place to go,” Craig continued. “Everybody was chill. You didn’t really have to sort of state your sexuality. It was OK. And it was a very safe place to be. And I could meet girls there, cause there are a lot of girls there for exactly the same reason I was there. It was an ulterior motive.”

Bozzi and Craig, who’s promoting his fifth and final go-round as the British superspy in “No Time To Die,” reminisced about causing a stir when they went to a gay bar together in Venice Beach, California, in 2010.

Bozzi recalled taking umbrage because a man asked him if he was Craig’s manager and Bozzi yelled at him.

“We kind of got caught, I suppose, which was kind of weird, ’cause we were doing nothing fucking wrong,” said Craig, who married actor Rachel Weisz in 2011. “What happened is we were having a nice night and I kind of was talking to you about my life when my life was changing and we got drunk and I was like, ‘Oh, fuck, let’s just go to a bar, come on, let’s fucking go out.’ We got busted for doing nothing wrong. And I just was like, ‘I don’t give a fuck.’”

Craig said they shared a hug in the parking lot. Bozzi noted that the National Enquirer made a story of it.

“It was a shitstorm in a teacup,” Craig said.

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