La La Anthony Breaks Her Silence on “Really Hard” Divorce From Carmelo Anthony – E! NEWS

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La La shared more about the breakup by saying “that s–t hit me really hard,” given that “it came out of nowhere. I wasn’t expecting it. Even a lawyer said once, ‘Well, he’s a basketball player—what did you expect?’ And I’m like, ‘To be honest, I didn’t expect that. I didn’t go into this marriage expecting that. So I was caught off guard.”

The La La’s Full Court Life star went on to point out that she was currently wearing two rings, one reading “F–k” and the other reading “Love,” which caused her to laugh. “After you’ve been through what I went through, which was public and really hard, you do start feeling like that, and you see how people can become jaded and like, ‘Maybe it’s not for me,'” La La admitted. “But I want to always stay positive.”

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