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‘It could be a disaster’ (Continued…)

Attorney Andrew B. Brettler says the accuser had entered into a “settlement agreement” that would end her current claim against the prince.

But Ms Levin said: “That’s a dead end as well.

“It’s just not going to go away.”

She said the suit is affecting the Royal Family “very badly” – and no matter what the outcome, the damage to Andrew’s reputation will be “permanent”.

“Here’s the prince, the second son of Her Majesty, and he’s just going on and on and pretending in his rather pompous way he’s above all this nonsense,” she said.

Despite a series of PR catastrophes in recent years, Andrew was reportedly so confident the case would collapse that he was plotting a return to the royal frontline.

One source said: “There has been a dramatic shift in mood and the reality that this could not only go on for many months, if not years, as well as costing potentially millions of pounds is very real.”

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