Dave Grohl wrote a memoir, ‘The Storyteller’ — he says his life in rock ‘n’ roll started at the Cubby Bear – Chicago Tribune

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A: Well, as most people do, I imagined life in rock ’n’ roll before it ever happened for me. When Nirvana became popular then ended and the Foo Fighters started, I still assumed this would just stop at some point, normal life would resume. My father told me in 1991 (at Nirvana’s peak), “You know this isn’t going to last, right?” I said no, of course, there’s no way something like this could. I always imagined it would stop and I would begin a normal life. When I was welcomed into Neil’s world and saw his beautiful children, I thought “Wait, these things can coexist.” There are times people say to me, “You’re life is so weird,” and I look at them and think, “Your life is so (expletive) weird.” I actually had a therapist tell me: “David, come on, you don’t live in reality.” I was like, who the (expletive) are you tell me what my reality is or isn’t? I got off that couch and never saw that (expletive) again. You design and curate your own life. My life seems unusual to most people, but it doesn’t demean my family. It’s like “OK guys, I’m going for a week and half, I’ve got to go play Toronto, New York, D.C.” They’re like, “OK, Dad.” Then I return and make them sandwiches and drive them in a minivan to the bus stop. Life outside of this band, it’s very mundane and domestic and I love it. And the balance of those two things, I think, yeah, I did learn that from that day at Neil Young’s house.

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