Samantha Says About Her Bedroom Matter.. –

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Samantha Says About Her Bedroom Matter

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are officially divorced but still the focus of netizens is not shifted from that couple.

Everybody is observing the posts and status updates of Samantha and trying to draw some conclusions.

The latest one from Samantha is- “If I wanna change the world, I should change myself. I should make my bed, I should dust the shelf, I shouldn’t lie in bed till the afternoon dreaming about the things I wanna do, mmm, mmm, mm”.

Reading between the lines the last sound “mmm”, “mm ” matters here. Is she saying about herself or is she hinting about someone else?

Is she in the process of exposing the laziness of someone that brought her disgust or is she just stating about her? One can come to a conclusion at the discretion of one’s mind.

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