Top WWE Raw Champion Gets Drafted to SmackDown in First Round –

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A top WWE Raw champion has been surprisingly drafted to Friday Night SmackDown in the first round of the WWE Draft 2021! The WWE Draft is one of the most unique events of the year because not only does it set the stage for the next year of WWE programming across its many shows, but also essentially gives each show a clean slate and opens the doors for a new set of talents to make their impact on another brand. The first WWE Draft as part of the FOX deal last year yielded some surprises, but this year has shocked right off the bat. 

As part of the first round of drafts for SmackDown, it was announced that current Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is now a part of the SmackDown brand. She is the first member of the Women’s Division to be drafted to the SmackDown brand, and follows current Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the first round draft picks to SmackDown overall. Naturally, this makes some very curious teases for what’s coming next in Charlotte’s immediate future as the Raw Women’s Champion. 

The rules for the WWE Draft this year have made things a little more interesting as well. Not only is half the roster available for selection on SmackDown this evening (with the other half being eligible on Monday Night Raw), but any superstar not drafted to either brand at the end of it all will be declared a free agent and is able to sign to whichever show they choose. But the biggest twist is that the full impact of the Draft will not kick in until October 22nd, the day after the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia. This means that any final feuds still taking place have a few weeks to hash out. 

This now includes Charlotte Flair and the Raw Women’s Championship. We have seen champions jump across brands before with a re-branding of their title simply being needed, but Charlotte is coming into SmackDown amidst a current picture that involves Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bianca Belair (who is Raw’s first round draft pick in another huge surprise). But as this is only the first round, the surprises for the WWE Draft are sure to continue. 

What do you think of Charlotte Flair being SmackDown’s first round draft pick? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments! 

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