Ben Whishaw would like to see “radical” change for the future of James Bond – The A.V. Club

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Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards

Daniel Craig has some thoughts about what the future of the James Bond series should look like, specifically that he thinks the world doesn’t need a woman or a person of color to play Bond because women and people of color deserve better than to just take over a tired, old franchise like 007 (he didn’t use the words “tired” and “old” but it was implied). It makes sense for him to have that kind of attitude, since the upcoming No Time To Die is his final Bond movie and he probably couldn’t care less about whether or not they ever even make any more, but his co-star Ben Whishaw has a little more hope that the series could and should change.

Speaking with Variety, Whishaw (who plays Q in the new movies) said that “if they want to continue with this character and the franchise,” then they have an opportunity here to “explode it and do anything.” He doesn’t have any specific ideas, but he thinks the stewards of the Bond series “should do something quite radical” to keep the movies relevant in the “different times” we live in now. (This surely isn’t what he means, but how about a James Bond movie where everyone has to worry about washing their hands and wearing masks?) Whishaw knows that some people want the movies to always stay the same, but he thinks you can “honor the character and the tradition” while also finding a way to “push it forward.”

Again, he doesn’t offer any advice on how to do that, but much like Craig, he probably just knows that it’s not his problem anymore. Seeing as how Amazon now owns MGM (the studio that controls the James Bond series), though, maybe we could finally get a billionaire James Bond? Maybe one who is also a bald nerd? That would really mean a lot to the world’s bald nerd billionaires.

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