BTS Brings Permission to Dance to Global Citizen, Joins Coldplay Virtually for My Universe Performance – Billboard

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“We collaborated with a band and we took their average age up about 15 years, but it’s been one of the most fun things we’ve ever done,” singer Chris Martin told the crowd. “This is a song we did with BTS. This is a song about love who you love, and only that.”

The band launched into new single “My Universe,” virtually joining forces with BTS, who were on a big screen behind them.

At one point, even Martin turned around to look up in awe at BTS.

“My Universe,” which is sung in both English and Korean, just dropped on Friday. It’s the second single Coldplay has released ahead of the release of their upcoming studio album Music of the Spheres.

Watch “Permission to Dance” and “My Universe” performed for Global Citizen Live below.

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