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The Problem With Jon Stewart

Though Jon Stewart left The Daily Show years ago, it never really felt like he was gone from our televisions. Part of that is because some of his old Daily Show buddies have spread out across the TV landscape to do their own Daily Show-type things, like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver, but also because Stewart has a tendency to pop up on shows like that from time to time. (And he occasionally makes movies!) Now, though, Apple is bringing Jon Stewart back to our screens with a bit more regularity thanks to The Problem With Jon Stewart, a new series that… seems a lot like his version of The Daily Show, crossed with Last Week Tonight, crossed with the moments where Stewart gets serious and uses his Serious Jon Stewart voice.

That’s not to say that this trailer for The Problem With Jon Stewart isn’t funny, but it certainly seems like “being funny” is lower on the list of priorities than it was with his last show. According to a press release from Apple, the series will explore topics from “the struggle for comprehensive veteran care to better ways to support the American working class,” with “the differing perspectives of stakeholders, experts, and individuals confronting this challenges.” There will also be a companion podcast, with staff members who work on the show conducting further conversations with people on whatever that week’s main episode was about. The Problem With Jon Stewart will premiere on Apple TV+ on September 30 (the podcast will launch on the same day), with subsequent episodes coming out every other week. That means it’s not a daily show or a weekly show or a late-night show, which are all good ways to differentiate it from what Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and everyone else is doing.

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