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By John Powell –

Xavier holds all of the power this week when it comes to who remains on the block. Not only is he the Head of Household but he won today’s Power of Veto competition.

Xavier has nominated Kyland and Azah for eviction.

An upset Kyland could be seen standing alone in the Have Not Room crying when the live feeds returned from the competition.

“This is the moment everyone warned me about. You have to be able to save yourself in this game,” he said.

“Two weeks back-to-back I saved Xavier,” he said to himself swaying back and forth with his head in his hands.

Kyland wondered if Xavier will extend him the same courtesy as he did him.

“The good thing is if Xavier doesn’t use the veto and I still make it to the final two he didn’t save me one single time in this game, well, not directly,” he said trying to be positive.

Xavier entered the room announcing he isn’t entertaining any veto or game talk for the rest of the day.

“Obviously, I am happy you won but this is the moment everyone kept warning me about,” said Kyland explaining he is at a vulnerable moment.

He gave Xavier reassurances when he was vulnerable and is wondering why the same courtesy isn’t being extended to him right now.

“It is just tough being in this spot,” said Kyland as Xavier gave him a hug.

“You will be briefed. You will be fine,” said Xavier assuring him that he has nothing to worry about.

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