Update: Scott and Kourtneys Relationship Is Literally “Nonexistent” and Apparently Hes “On the Prowl” – Yahoo Lifestyle

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Remember when Scott Disick slid into Younes Bendjima’s DMs to complain about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s PDA? Yeah, apparently that whole thing did him no favors when it comes to his relationship with Kourtney—which a source just described to Us Weekly as “nonexistent” at this point.

“Outside of coparenting, Scott and Kourtney’s relationship is nonexistent,” the source says. “He’s really just focused on being there for his kids and spending time with them, as well as focused on his brand and any opportunities that come his way.”

Not only is Scott and Kourtney’s relationship strained in the wake of Insta DM Gate 2021™, Scott and his girlfriend Amelia Hamlin have broken up. And apparently now he’s “on the prowl” whatever that means. As the source put it, “He’s not looking to jump into another relationship so quickly. If it happens, it happens. He’s keeping his eyes open. He likes being in a relationship, so you better bet he’s on the prowl.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney and Travis have been busy traveling the world, and were most recently in New York City for the VMAs. But apparently Kourtney is planning to confront Scott about his behavior, it’s just not her number one priority at the moment.

“Kourtney is disappointed that he engages in drama when they have been doing well co-parenting,” a source recently told People. “She doesn’t get why he felt the need to reach out to Younes. She will confront him about it. For now, she continues to enjoy her trip with Travis.”

In case you somehow missed it, Scott’s DM to Younes went a lil’ something like this: “Yo is this chick OK!???? Broooo, like what is this? In the middle of Italy.”

scott disick dm


I mean, would you be talking to your ex after that DM?

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