Why The Internet Is So Confused By Scott Disick’s Latest Photo of Daughter Penelope – E! NEWS

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Penelope Disick‘s latest photo had fans double checking her name.
The confusion all began on July 25 when Scott Disick shared a snap on Instagram of his 9-year-old daughter having a little lunch, captioning the pic, “Little lunch in the pool with pinop.” But no, it’s not Pinop that has us scratching our heads. But rather the name Megan, which is clearly written on the side of the takeout container Penelope is holding. And needless to say, the Internet has some thoughts.

“Who’s Megan?” wrote one follower while another chimed in with, “Scott, you can’t expect any comment but a ‘who’s Megan comment.'” One user with ‘Meg’ in her name even chimed in with a joke, commenting, “They gave her my ice cream by mistake.”

But before you call the FBI to investigate where the Kardashians have been hiding this Megan, Scott has an explanation: It’s his assistant. But, he appreciates your concern. As he wrote, “thanks for asking.”

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