Army Of The Dead scene-stealer Matthias Schweighöfer gets the spotlight in prequel teaser – The A.V. Club

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Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig in Army Of Thieves

Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig in Army Of Thieves
Screenshot: Netflix

When the internet couldn’t stop talking about Zack Snyder—for better or worse—Netflix decided that what we really needed was more Snyder content and so, they reached a first-look movie deal with him. The next Snyder project heading to Netflix is Army Of Thieves, the prequel to Army Of The Dead. The original movie’s star Matthias Schweighöfer returns as Ludwig Dieter; he also serves as director along with Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder as producers. Today, Netflix shared the trailer for the prequel, showing the backstory of how Ludwig became the master safecracker in The Army Of The Dead.

From what we see in the trailer, Game Of ThronesNathalie Emmanuel plays the mysterious Gwendoline of Gwendoline’s Safe & Lock Co., who’s taken note of Ludwig’s impressive safecracking skills and recruits him to work with her. While the zombie outbreak’s going on in America, Gwendoline wants to use this opportunity—since the world’s distracted—to orchestrate a heist that’d involve Ludwig cracking safes with the help of a crew. This is seemingly the heist where he cracked the 3 Hans Wagner safes mentioned in Army Of The Dead. Ludwig was just as jumpy then, remarking in shock that he’d given weapons during the heist. He also gets to have a little bit of romance going on with Gwendoline.

Deborah Snyder had referred to Army Of Thieves as a “romantic comedy heist film” and said that it wouldn’t really be a zombie heist flick like Army Of The Dead. From the looks of the trailer, that description isn’t too far off. You almost forget there’s a zombie outbreak going on, except for a brief point in the trailer where the zombies are shown in the news. As for when you can watch this “rom-com heist”? Well, Netflix hasn’t revealed an exact premiere date yet but, according to the trailer, it’ll arrive to the streaming service this fall.

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