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Rick and Morty in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Rick and Morty in Space Jam: A New Legacy
Screenshot: Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy isn’t the sequel we were hoping for. Its predecessor wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was definitely fun to watch. However, this sequel’s daffy plot involving LeBron James facing off against a sentient algorithm named Al G. Rhythm is just plain painful. Its primary source of enjoyment is LeBron and the gang’s interactions with characters from far beyond the Looney Tunes universe—even if that amounts to a movie that’s essentially a very long commercial for the intellectual property owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.

Amongst those cameos are the droogs from A Clockwork Orange droogs (who infamously rape and beat the shit out of people with their canes for fun in the Stanley Kubrick film), who show up in the crowd for the climactic basketball game between the Tune Squad and Al’s Goon Squad. Elsewhere in the movie, you’ll find Jane from What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, Wonder Woman, one of Daenerys’ dragons from Game Of Thronesand Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Word of that last cameo spread on Twitter this morning, after Space Jam: A New Legacy became available on HBO Max. In a scene where LeBron and Bugs Bunny are looking for more members to join the Tune Squad, Rick and Morty drop off the Tasmanian Devil, and Rick says, “We’re done running tests on your badger thing. It turns out his condition is irreversible.” Morty adds, “I’ll never erase what I saw from my brain.” Rick doesn’t get to say “fuck” or “shit,” so he goes for the very PG insult “dum-dums.” And don’t count on seeing Rick drunk; he’s appears extremely sober for once.

If you want to skip straight to Rick and Morty’s appearance in Space Jam: A New Legacy, it occurs roughly 40 minutes and 50 seconds into the film—shortly after LeBron and Bugs pull Yosemite Sam out of Casablanca.

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