Meghan Markle is throwing her duchess powers behind an animated Netflix series – The A.V. Club

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle
Photo: Chris Jackson (Getty Images)

Netflix continues to accrue an impressive collection of titles for its various producing partners; the streaming service already had “former President and former First Lady” and “current Shonda Rhimes” on the books, and now has another chance to up the overall level of Mildly Estranged Duchess content it has access to. That’s per The Hollywood Reporter, which notes today that Mildly Estranged Duchess Meghan Markle has set up a new animated series, Pearl, at the streaming service.

The series will center on a 12-year-old girl who is inspired by a variety of famous women from history—presumably the good ones, and not just, like, Lucrezia Borgia, or Lizzie Borden, or any of the Brides Of Dracula. (We may not be entirely clear on the distinction between fantasy and reality, admittedly.) In addition to Markle, the series is being executive produced by a bunch of people with extensive backgrounds in animation, even if some of that background was in the Gnomeo And Juliet/Sherlock Gnomes school of modern film animation. (Looking at you, David Furnish and Carolyn Soper.) Amanda Rynda, an animation vet whose most recent projects were DC Super Hero Girls and her stint as creative director on The Loud House, will serve as the executive producer on the show.

This is the second project produced under Markle’s Archewell Productions banner, which she shares with her husband, Mildly Estranged Prince Harry Of California (formerly England). The two are also producing on Heart Of Invictus, a docu-series about the Invictus Games, and also part of the pair’s production deal with Netflix. Meanwhile, our persistent efforts to get a rumor off the ground that this entire “pivot to video” thing with the pair, and their related friction with the royal family, was just an effort to build hype around a hypothetical Suits revival continue to produce absolute bupkis, but so it goes.

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