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Watch live as Britney Spears’ conservatorship case returns to court

Britney Spears’s conservatorship case is heading back to court, three weeks after the singer condemned the system in a statement to a judge.

The hearing is taking place this Wednesday (14 July) in Los Angeles and will focus on handling the aftermath of Spears’s remarks.

In the weeks since her statement to the court, Spears’s court-appointed attorney has resigned, and the estate management company that was meant to oversee her finances has withdrawn from the conservatorship.

Spears isn’t expected to speak at today’s hearing, although she may participate in some form, since she has sought to pick her own attorney.

Follow the court hearing as it happens with our live blog:


Matt Gaetz speaks at LA rally for Britney Spears

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican of Florida, travelled to Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday for Britney Spears’ hearing about her conservatorship case.

Mr Gaetz was pictured and filmed at a rally held outside the Los Angeles courthouse.

He then approached the microphone to give a statement about the conservatorship and abuse Spears has allegedly experienced at the hands of her father, Jamie Spears – who was first assigned as her conservator in 2008.

“There’s a lot that still divides us but one thing we call all agree on is that Jamie Spears is a d***,” Mr Gaetz said while on Instagram live.

Watch the congressman’s full statement here:

Danielle Zoellner14 July 2021 22:29


Watch live: Fans hold a rally outside courthouse where Britney Spears’ convervatorship case resumes

Watch live as Britney Spears’ conservatorship case returns to court

Danielle Zoellner14 July 2021 22:04


Fans gather outside of LA courthouse ahead of hearing

Footage outside the Los Angeles courthouse where Britney Spears’ conservatorship hearing will start showed fans rallying in support of the pop singer.

Hundreds appeared gathered holding signs and cheering as they await news about the hearing.

All parties involved in the hearing were expected to be remote, and it was not clear if Spears would make any statements following her bombshell testimony in June.

Fans also gathered in Washington DC to show support with Spears and her conservatorship battle.

Danielle Zoellner14 July 2021 21:41


Starting soon: Britney Spears conservatorship case is heard in court

A court hearing will begin at 1:30pm local time in Los Angeles to discuss the aftermath of Britney Spears testimony about her conservatorship, which took place in June.

A Los Angeles judge and others who currently hold legal power of the pop singer will convene. It is not expected for Spears to speak during this hearing, but she might when it comes to deciding who will represent the singer.

Spears will be represented at the hearing by her longtime court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham Ill,

But Mr Ingham filed documents last week saying he was resigning from his position as her representative, effective as soon as Spears gets a new attorney.

This came after Spears indicated she wanted different counsel when giving her bombshell testimony in court three weeks prior.

Danielle Zoellner14 July 2021 21:20


Matt Gaetz offers to represent Britney Spears ‘for free’

Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican of Florida, has offered to represent Britney Spears as she seeks new counsel in her conservatorship battle.

Mr Gaetz worked briefly as a lawyer for a private firm before running for state representative.

Now he’s lended his legal experience to the pop singer.

“I would represent her for free,” Mr Gaetz wrote on Twitter while sharing an article about Spears’ legal battles.

The Florida congressman has been outspoken about Spears’ conservatorship in recent weeks after she gave a public testimony in June about her situation.

He has since spearheaded a movement in Congress to do a #FreeBritney-style rewrite of conservatorship laws amid her legal battles.

Danielle Zoellner14 July 2021 20:47


Elon Musk has also expressed his support for Britney Spears amid the singer’s conservatorship battle.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO shared the words “Free Britney” on Monday from his Twitter account, on which he has 57.8 million followers.

Musk’s partner Grimes replied “thank u” to his tweet.

Clemence Michallon14 July 2021 20:30


Spears has received support from many celebrities since her court address, including Miley Cyrus, who chanted “Free Britney” at a recent concert.

Performing for the opening of Resorts World, Cyrus sang her hit “Party in the USA”, at one point alluding to Spears’s legal battle.

“The taxi man turned on the radio, he turned to me and said, ‘Free Britney, Free Britney!” she sang, as heard in videos captured of the gig.

Read more about the moment in the story below:

Clemence Michallon14 July 2021 20:15


Spears criticised the conservatorship and expressed her disagreement during a hearing on 23 June.

Read her statement in full here:

Clemence Michallon14 July 2021 19:58


The documentary Framing Britney Spears, which explores the treatment of Spears by the public and the media, was nominated for two Emmys yesterday.

Clemence Michallon14 July 2021 19:36


Britney Spears has been under a legal guardianship since 2008, with her father Jamie and other legal guardians managing her financial and personal life.

However, Spears has shown resistance to the situation in recent years, with her lawyers stating that she wants the conservatorship to change and her father to be removed from it.

Here’s a timeline of the conservatorship so far:

Clemence Michallon14 July 2021 19:14

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