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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Photo: Brook Mitchell (Getty Images)

[Note: This piece discusses spoilers for “Journey Into Mystery,” the fifth installment of Loki.]

As far as cold-blooded incarnations of Asgardian demi-gods go, the fifth episode of Disney+’s Loki has a clear and obvious winner: Deadpan reptile, and swift internet favorite, Alligator Loki. But while we all love The God Of Low To The Ground But Surprisingly Speedy Mischief, there is another contender for this particular crown: Frog Thor, who makes an extremely brief appearance in “Journey Into Mystery,” showing up in a panning shot as the various renegade Lokis (led by Richard E. Grant) lead Tom Hiddleston’s “original” version into their little extra-dimensional clubhouse. A reference to one of the weirder twists in Thor’s multi-decade comics career, the little guy seems to be in a pretty bad spot, trapped in a jar in the dirt and desperately yelling as he tries to smash his way out.

Hilariously, though, it turns out that the audio clips of this single-second joke were not just some random P.A. yelling into a microphone, or even old dialogue of Chris Hemsworth’s battle cries getting re-used. As revealed in a recent interview from ForAllNerds, series director Kate Herron noted that she was bound and determined to get “Throg” into the show—and that she got Hemsworth to record fresh “dialogue” for the appearance.

“We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way,” Herron boasted, rightfully, during the interview. “We recorded him for that. His voice going ‘Ahhh!’ That’s a whole new recording.” So, there you go: Loki may not have the formal cameo that people might have been hoping for, especially given how much time the title character spends hung up on his godly brother. But it does have a little bit of Hemsworth in there, stealing the show as usual—at least, until Alligator Loki inevitably gets his jaws into the mix.

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