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The trailer for Ryan Murphy’s spin-off anthology series, American Horror Stories, takes it all the way back to the beginning, to the twisted but beloved Murder House from the first season of American Horror Story.

We see a new group of unlucky souls taking on the deeply demented and spirit-filled house, with the familiar yet faceless Rubber Man appearing once more to dole out some more torture. The trailer gives viewers a taste of all the horrifying tales to come, such as a possessive film, a murderous Santa Claus (played by the only and only Danny Trejo), and a pig-headed shower slasher. Amy Grabow appears as the Tipper Gore arguing for explicit music labels during the Parents Music Resource Center hearing of 1985. Plus, plenty of seances, ghosts, monsters, and demons.

Yesterday, Murphy announced AHS alums Matt Bomer, Billie Lourd, Naomi Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch, will return for American Horror Stories. The full cast includes Aaron Tveit, Paris Jackson, Madison Bailey, Virginia Garndner, Belissa Escobedo, Rhenzy Feliz, Gavin Creel, Kaia Gerber, Sierra McCormick, and more. Murphy revealed on Twitter that the cast named so far “isn’t even the half of it.” Brad Falchuk, Alexis Martin Woodall, John J. Gray, and Manny Coto join Murphy as executive producers.

Over the course of 16 hour-long weekly episodes, American Horror Stories will unleash a fresh hell, from the mystical to the political. The nightmares kick off on July 15 on FX On Hulu, with American Horror Story: Double Feature premiering on August 25 on FX . In the midst of all the AHS news this week, the name of the first episode of Double Feature was shared: “Cape Fear.” The title harks back to the classic 1962 psychological thriller, as well as the 1991 Martin Scorsese remake featuring AHS mainstay Jessica Lange.

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