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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation
Image: Netflix

We first got a glimpse of Kevin Smith’s new Masters Of The Universe series, Revelation, back in June, when Netflix released a teaser trailer for the show—which picks up several years after the original ’80s cartoon, in a world where Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has to get the band back together after a climactic battle between He-Man (Chris Wood) and Skeletor (Mark Hamill) came very close to blowing up Eternia for good. From that teaser, we could confirm that, yes, He-Man is still looking buff, cars that look like sharks still kick ass, and no one can resist the effects of a Bonnie Tyler/Jim Steinman power ballad.

Now, though, the streamer has released a more full trailer for the series, which is set to debut its first five episodes on Friday, July 23. And honestly? It looks pretty cool, full of well-drawn designs for familiar characters, and an environmentalism theme that certainly has some potent hooks. (Plus, the Buffy fans in us can’t help but respond to Gellar playing a warrior burnt out by a lifetime of fighting.)

Also, the cast on this thing is patently ridiculous—yes, that’s Stephen Root you’re hearing as Prince Adam’s cowardly tiger buddy Cringer. (Also, we don’t know if this was coincidental, but the series has two Batmans and two Jokers apiece, with Animated Series legend Kevin Conroy as Mer-Man and Diedrich Bader from The Brave And The Bold as King Randor / Trap Jaw, and Hamill as Skeletor and The Batman’s Kevin Michael Richardson as Beast-Man. We can’t imagine this is interesting to anyone besides us, but, well, there you go.) That’s in addition to voice acting royalty like Cree Summer, Phil LaMarr, and Alan Oppenheimer (the original Skeletor, now playing Moss-Man.) Oh, and Jason Mewes is in there, too.

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