Alyson Stoner Reflected On Her Experience With “Dangerous” Conversion Therapy Before Coming Out As Pansexual – BuzzFeed News

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In the essay, Alyson wrote that she had gone to therapy after falling in love with a woman in order to “identify the source of [her] attraction.”

“Like many, I had internalized some of the harmful beliefs and misconceptions about LGBTQ people and identities,” she said.

“My faith at that time played a large role in every aspect of my life, and my worldview neither supported nor accepted same-sex relationships,” she continued. “I prayed in turmoil nightly, begging to be healed from these desires. Certain pastors and community members tried to reverse and eliminate my attraction to her.”

“I’m not capable yet of going back and recounting specifics,” she said. “Which is an indicator of just how difficult that chapter was for me.”

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