Ewan McGregors Daughter Revealed That He Just Welcomed A Baby With Mary Elizabeth Winstead – BuzzFeed

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“Welcome to the world little brother ❤️ congratulations to my Dad & Mary — this is the greatest gift,” Clara wrote in the caption.

Esther also posted a pic holding little Laurie, pointing out that she “Met my little brother looking like a pirate. I recommend!”

“Welcome to the family little Laurie 🥰.”

McGregor and Winstead have been in a relationship since co-starring in the third season of Fargo in 2017. Laurie is Winstead’s first child; along with Esther and Clara, McGregor also shares two daughters (20-year-old Jamyan and 10-year-old Anouk) with ex-wife Eve Mavrakis.

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McGregor filed for divorce from Mavrakis in 2018; the divorce was finalized last year.

Congratulations to Ewan, Mary, and their entire family!

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