Seth Rogen got Conan OBrien to smoke a joint on TV during his last week on TBS – Yahoo Entertainment

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With just a few shows left for Conan on TBS, one of the final interviews was with actor Seth Rogen on Tuesday. And since host Conan O’Brien has some upcoming free time on his hands with the show ending, he asked Rogen for some ideas on ways to pass the time. And Rogen, who owns his own cannabis company, was quick to suggest that O’Brien “try smoking a lot of weed for a long time.”

O’Brien, who admittedly has rarely ever smoked weed, seemed curious. So he asked Rogen if there was a certain kind of cannabis he should try, and that’s when the actor pulled a joint from his shirt pocket and handed it to O’Brien. Recreational cannabis use is legal in California, where the show is taped.

“I think you should take one hit of that weed,” Rogen said. “And I think you’ll have a really good time.” To which O’Brien responded, “Do you have a light?”

And once O’Brien figured out how to properly hold the joint, the interview was up in smoke. The host lit up the joint, took a hit, and blew it out – much to the delight of his audience and his guest. Of course, Rogen and co-host Andy Richter also got in on the joint as well.

Viewers on Twitter were blown away by tokin’ Conan, with comments like, “Conan smoking weed on tv when he knows he’s only got a few shows left is why he’s the best.”

And one viewer especially appreciated O’Brien’s awkwardness when it came to not knowing which end of the joint to light, and how the host became self-aware about whether it was having any effect.

“When does this thing that’s going to happen, happen?” O’Brien asked, and then joked: “I’m driving a school bus in an hour.”

Even Rogen took to Twitter with his excitement as well, saying that the moment was genuinely unplanned, and that he was terrified of getting O’Brien too high.

And while O’Brien eventually tried to move the interview along, Rogen just couldn’t contain himself.

“I’m so happy with what just happened,” he said.

Conan airs Monday through Thursday nights at 11 p.m. on TBS.

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