Nicolas Cage is on the hunt for a hog in the Pig trailer – The A.V. Club

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The pig and Nicolas Cage

The pig and Nicolas Cage
Photo: Molly Bandelli/Neon

Nicolas Cage is on a hot streak of late, appearing in indie thrillers, horror movies, and the weird stuff in between. He earned some raves for Color Out Of Space and Willy’s Wonderland. We at the A.V. Club even found a lot to enjoy in The Croods: A New Age, so if Cage has a little truffle farming angst to get out, we’ll be sure to give it a shot. Curiously enough, that’s exactly what he has in store with Pig.

Up top, Pig looks like a John Wick rip-off (or as we say in the John Wick rip-off world, a “Wick-off”). Cage plays a lone truffle hunter hanging out at a cabin in the woods with his only companion a pig (see, doesn’t this sound like John Wick). It’s when a gang of home invaders pig-nap his prized truffle pig that he goes full Cage. That’s right, and he’s showing up at your fancypants restaurant and asking the head chef if they’ve seen a pig. But as alluded to in the trailer, it’s possible that Mr. Cage was, at one time, a member of the culinary elite because the chef seems to know him. Whatever their relationship, the chef does not seem happy to see him. This is probably because anytime anyone comes into his restaurant looking for a pig, the chef has the unfortunate task of informing them that the only pigs at his restaurant are already dead.

Plot contrivances aside, it’s always fun to see Cage dive into a weird little movie that lets him scream and huff and puff. This one comes from first-time filmmaker Michael Sarnoski. If he can wrangle Cage, he might pull a truffle out of the dirt. But, at the very least, we’ll probably get some cute moments of Nicolas Cage playing with a big ol’ piggy, like a First Cow but with a pig. That, more than anything, is worth the price of admission.

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