Owen Wilson isnt quite as into jet skis as his Loki character, Mobius – The A.V. Club

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U.S. maritime law is a weird thing. You need classes, a test, and a license to drive a car, but in a lot of states, any old 12 year old can operate a jet ski without any license, training, or, really, supervision. Considering jet skis are 750 pound death rockets that are most likely capable of decapitating anyone who’s floating in the water, that’s not the best idea, but, hey, they sure are fun to ride.

Loki’s Mobius likes them, at least. He’s never been on one—that would be too unseemly given his status in the TVA—but he likes the idea of them. He likes the concept that the TVA is keeping life moving along for regular people who might want to coast across open bodies of water at dangerous rates of speed. If the TVA can’t protect the fun freedoms, what are they even doing?

Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius, doesn’t entirely agree. As he tells us in the video above, “I can’t say I’m a huge fan of jet skis. I put them sort of, but not quite in the category of leaf blowers. It isn’t a sound that I love. You know, when you think about Walden Pond, you don’t think about a jet ski screaming along.” He continues, “When I was like a kid, of course, I loved them. They seemed like the greatest thing. Now, I think I prefer the peace and quiet of just seeing a lake or looking out at the ocean rather than hearing [jet skis], although they are pretty fun when you get on them.” Amen, brother.

New episodes of Loki air every Wednesday on Disney+. Wilson will also appear in The French Dispatch, the new film by his old friend and collaborator Wes Anderson, due to hit theaters October 22.

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