Lokis success shifts Disney Plus whole release schedule to Wednesdays – The A.V. Club

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In moving to Wednesdays for the release of his brand new Disney+ show, local mischief god Loki not only finally achieved his dream of usurping his poppa Odin/Woden’s throne in the middle of the week—he also shifted the streaming network’s whole streaming release schedule. See, Loki—and now we’re discussing the very expensive entertainment property, and not just the plucky little godling—did so well with its Wednesday release date that Disney is going to stick with it…for everything. That is, any original programming for Disney+, from any new Marvel shows, to existing programs, to original streaming-only films, is now going to drop on Wednesdays, Loki-style, rather than the Fridays that were originally the norm.

Per THR, there’s a couple things going on here. First and foremost: Loki’s warm reception has shown that people probably don’t care that much which day their streaming content arrives, or at least don’t care massively about the difference between Friday and Wednesday. Secondly, there’s the fact that Netflix has staked out Friday for its own releases pretty aggressively, and Disney would presumably like to let its content a breathe a little better amidst the horde. And finally, there’s the fact that the world does appear to be turning back on, and Disney doesn’t want you to get stuck in a dilemma, debating whether to go out to see one of its movies in a movie theater, or stay home and watch one of its television shows. (Please imagine here the GIF of a cheerful but ultimately impractical child asking “Why not both?” to great acclaim.)

Among the first projects to get bumped by the move: Monsters, Inc. spin-off series Monsters At Work, which is jumping back from (Friday) July 2 to (Wednesday) July 7. (We’re going to go ahead and leave the day of the week out on the rest of these; don’t worry, we trust you.) The Turner & Hooch show will thus debut on July 21, as will Behind The Attraction, while the new Chip ‘n Dale series, Park Life, has been pushed back to July 28. And so on—if Disney’s putting it out for streaming, it’s coming on Wednesdays. Adjust your personal sacred timelines accordingly.

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