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“My body is not a trend.”

The Marvel actor has been taking fans along as she’s been preparing for her upcoming role in the Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel.

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Much of Evangeline’s training has been focused on rebuilding her strength after a longtime battle with chronic pain — and she’s already seeing results.

This week, Evangeline couldn’t help but share about the progress she’s made, posting a series of stunning mirror selfies.

“Recently I had a day where I was really feeling myself and my body in a new way. That day, bedhead, no makeup, sticky in the Hawaii heat, I felt connected to myself, my power, and my beauty in way that felt unapologetic, grown, and autonomous,” Evangeline wrote.

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She continued, “I snapped some pose-y pictures, until a song swept me up in movement 🥰 my favorite way to stretch, strengthen, feel, and express!”

Evangeline added that she initially chose to keep the photos for herself, but a friend inspired her to share her message of body positivity.

“I am beautiful. You are beautiful. My body is not a trend,” Evangeline wrote.

She added, “Whatever the trend of the moment says — skinny and twiggy, slender and elegant, tough and tomboy, curvy and sensual, voluptuous and banging, always young — none of them dictate me. My athletic, strong body has always been my friend, my companion, my servant, my queen, and my guide…and I honor her.”

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Evangeline noted that she hopes her message implores her fans to “feel your own beauty, in your own way” despite the constant pressure from society.

And based on the response from fans in the comment section, her message is definitely making an impact!

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