Gigi Hadid Reflected On Being Made To Feel “Too White” To Stand Up For Her Arab Heritage – BuzzFeed News

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“It’s something that’s really important to us,” Gigi said. “But it’s also something that we first experienced ourselves, because both of our parents are their own heritage.”

“We are that first generation of those mixed races, and then that comes with that first generational experience of being like, ‘Oh damn, I’m the bridge!'” she went on. “That’s not something that my parents experienced or that they can really help me through.”

Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, is Dutch, while her father, Mohamed, is Palestinian. Meanwhile, Zayn’s mother is English and Irish and his father is British Pakistani.

“I think it will be nice to be able to have those conversations, and see where she comes from [with] it, without us putting that onto her,” Gigi said.

“What comes from her is what I’m most excited about,” she added. “And being able to add to that, or answer her questions.”

“It’s been really easy for me and Gi to kind of just ease into it,” Zayn said at the time. “[Khai] kind of made it easy for us. She sleeps really well, she loves her milk…It’s wicked. I’m enjoying it, for sure.”

“It’s a really different pace of life, but it’s been really easy to adjust to it, for sure,” he added. “I think that’s the most surprising thing.”

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