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A prettier Jesus

A prettier Jesus
Screenshot: UMG

Lorde has risen from her hiatus and blessed us with new music, debuting her first new song since Melodrama, “Solar Power,” last week. The memes and discourse surrounding the song has been inescapable, as expected. So, even if you haven’t watched the music video for the track yet, chances are you’ve seen pictures of Lorde’s outfit. Her sunny, yellow beach co-ord was screencapped thousands of times on social media because Lorde makes yellow—a color that isn’t really a go-to for most people—look incredible. Much like how Jason Sudeikis’ Golden Globes hoodie became a coveted item, so has Lorde’s beach ensemble. Now you can look like a prettier Jesus, too.

The Collina Strada set sold out immediately after the music video premiered, but it’s finally back in stock. The downside is it’s not going to be available immediately, so you’ll have to pre-order it and receive it in “3-4 weeks.” Plus, it costs $340 for the skirt, and an additional $275 for the shirt (it’s not like Lorde wears stuff from Target, guys). But, much like the damn Lirika Matoshi strawberry dress nobody on social media could shut up about last year, this co-ord now seems to be the new coveted item.

And it looks like we’re about to get more iconic outfits in music videos to come for this album cycle. In an interview with Australia’s Triple J Radio, Lorde says, “We made a whole bunch of videos for this album. We built literally basically a universe on a secret beach. The first video is me introducing you to the world of the album and the videos, I play a kooky tour guide almost.” She also shares that she wrote “Solar Power” two summers ago and she is very excited for the record to come out soon, gushing, “I love this song; I love this album. I’m just hyped and I think it’s right for right now.”

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