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Before we get into this article, there are some things that need to be prefaced. First, we’re hoping that Indiana Jones 5 is a great film. James Mangold has made tremendous films in the past, and Harrison Ford is a superstar. The character of Indiana Jones is perhaps the greatest cinematic icon in the history of American movies. Also, we’ve been very right in the past about Indiana Jones 5 leaks, detailing that the film was nearly cancelled due to the pandemic, that Indiana Jones would feature CGI de-aging flashbacks, etc. We’ve also been positive about the film when it’s been appropriate. All that said, let’s get started…

Leaked images of the first week of shooting for Indiana Jones 5 have been moving across Twitter over the past twenty-four hours. These are our first photos of Harrison Ford acting out the final movie of Indiana Jones with him as the star (and perhaps the final Indiana Jones ever). These leaked images can best be described as “concerning”. Here they are, and then we’ll discuss:

Alright, so here are some of the concerning things:

First, it’s obvious that Harrison Ford looks very much like a seventy-eight year old man. And that’s as he should… he’s seventy-eight. But, you know, it’s hard to watch a superhero age. It just is. We’re not trying to be rude about this or mean. It’s like watching Michael Jordan on the Wizards — people love Michael Jordan, so it’s hard to watch the greatest of all time fade. The same is true for Indy. People love this character, and people love Harrison Ford. So seeing him age is a reminder of mortality, and getting old, getting elderly, it can suck.

So whereas you might have hoped that Harrison Ford would somehow defy age, he hasn’t. One way that a director might cover that up a little bit is to tidy up other parts of the character. But Indy looks disheveled, wrinkled, haggard. I suppose that’s a creative choice, but it’s tough to see Ford’s older-person, sagging chest hanging out of a halfway unbuttoned shirt that’s also not tucked in at places. Whatever the artistic direction is, it’s a solid reminder that this isn’t eighties Indy, even though there’s no way it could have been.

The fear is what we’ve been talking about on Pirates and Princesses. It took a miracle to get here, and even another delay of months could have made this film impossible. But honestly, maybe we’re already past the point where it could have been made. Harrison Ford of The Force Awakens could have pulled this off. Harrison Ford of The Rise of Skywalker might have been able to. It brings this author absolutely zero joy to say, this is rough, because this film might just have gone on too long.

The filmmakers clearly know they’ve got an issue. Ford is marked with CGI dots on his face and his jacket, in a clear indication that they will use CGI “makeup” to bring his age down. We saw this effect used for an entire film last with Pee Wee’s Big Holiday. It worked fairly well there, so maybe they can pull it off with Indiana Jones 5?

Image Courtesy: Bored Panda

The bigger issue is that we’re hearing reports from shooting that Harrison Ford doesn’t just look older, he moves in a more elderly fashion. Again, we’re not trying to pick on Harrison Ford — Harrison Ford is awesome. If we could snap our fingers and turn the clock, we’d love to have him just as in his prime as he ever was. But it’s hard to see how he’s going to pull off this movie if his movements are those of a geriatric. It’s like watching a grandparent lose their step; it’s not fun, and we’re not making fun. Aging awaits all of us who are so fortunate as to live a “longer” life.

You can imagine that not all fans have been so careful to point out that they’re concerned about a movie franchise they love while simultaneously honoring the man who has played Dr. Jones. But that’s where this story goes full weird mode. Because once these images leaked, the director of the film took time off from his prolific Twitter account primarily used for hyper-partisanship to attack critics of the photos (by the way, why is it always that these Hollywood elites are hyper-partisan against half their country but never say a word about actual slavery, forced labor, and genocide out of China?).

What followed is a rather indefensible tirade of James Mangold attacking people who care about Indiana Jones. I don’t care if “fans” are criticizing your friends, attacking your filming decisions, etc, we’ve already seen how this goes with Rian Johnson. The best defense would be to make an awesome movie, not to spend hours punching down.

Here are the James Mangold tweets thus far:

You can find James Mangold’s Twitter account to see that he’s been doing this all day long and he’s still at it. And I get… he’s defending his art that he’s just now working on, which is likely a dream come true. I just don’t know that this is the way to go about defending it. Maybe it is (but it isn’t). We’ll find out based on how this goes with the public relations. It does concern me that Mr. Mangold spends significant time on Twitter retweeting crass political positions that would alienate huge demographics. I’m personally ready to see some healing in this world, I’ll just tell you.

So that’s where the story stands as of 8:00 PM EST on Sunday. We’ll let you know if it develops further in other directions. As always, feel free to comment below and we’ll almost certainly read your thoughts; remember though, the one thing that makes us pass over you is if you’re vulgar or rude. Best regards, all!

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