Answers To Game of Thrones Quiz Part 2

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Game of Thrones Quiz (Round2)

Television Game of Thrones 2017

ANSWERS To Game of Thrones Quiz Part 2

Locke infiltrated the Night’s Watch on behalf of Bolton, but what happened when he was
caught? a) Hodor broke his neck b) Jon Snow beheaded him c) Thrown to the dogs

a) Hodor broke his neck

What is Hodor’s real name? a) William b) Wylis c) Wycliffe

b) Wylis

What is the name of the final episode of series 7?

The Dragon and the Wolf

Daenerys has 3 dragons, two are called Drogon and Rhaegal, what is the other called?


How did Cersi’s child Myrcella die?


What is the uniform system of coinage based on, in the the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros?

The “Gold Dragon” coin

Arya has used many alias’s, but which of the following has she not used a) Dog child b)Stickboy c) Blind Beth
a) Dog child

What is the name of Jon Snow’s Direwolf?


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