Remember These Nostalgic Chocolate Bars and Snacks Mum used to put in your lunchbox

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Do YOU remember these vintage lunchbox snacks?

Nostalgic men and women share throwback snaps of

Breakaway, Taxi bars and Viscounts

  • People are taking a trip down memory lane on Twitter
  • Men and women have shared throwback snaps of their favourite snacks
  • Includes Pop Rocks popping candy, Trio tofee bar and Ritz dip crackers 

Men and women are whetting their appetites by sharing their favourite vintage lunchbox snacks in nostalgic snaps online.

People are taking a trip down memory lane by celebrating their most cherished childhood sweet and savoury treats in throwback pictures across Twitter.

From the classic Caramel bar and old school Breakaway bars to Smiths Salt ‘n’ Shake Crisps, the collection of images will take everyone back to their youth – and wonder why many of the snacks were discontinued.

Men and women have been taking a trip down memory lane by sharing pictures of their favourite vintage snacks online – including the classic Smiths Salt ‘n’ Shake Crisps that came with a handy little blue sachet of salt

It may have only hit shelves in the 1980s before finally being discontinued in 1989 but it seems that people fondly remember 54321 bars

Every child would fill their lunchbox with club bars in a variety of flavours – including fruit, orange and mint – and the Jacobs treats are so popular that they’re still on sale today

One man took to Twitter to share his nostalgic food shop, which involved snapping up some modern day version of his favourite childhood treats

People have also reminicised on fluffy, moussey, marshmallow centred Secret, which was encased with a thick coating of Nestle chocolate. Sadly for fans, it was apparently withdrawn due to low sales

Other classic snacks shared online by nostalgic users included the Viscount sweet treat – a biscuit base with a mint flavoured filling covered in a chocolate flavoured coating, left, as well as Choc Dips, which are still fairly popular among the youth today

Launched in 1970, Breakaway, a biscuit and chocolate treat, was the perfect snack to complement a cup of tea

Men and women are whetting their appetites by sharing their favourite vintage lunchbox snacks in nostalgic snaps online – including milk and white chocolate Vice Versas, left, and Pop Rocks popping candy

Tunnock’s caramel wafer biscuits, the chewy layers of wafer, caramel and milk chocolate, were one of the most popular sweet treats of the 1980s

Fuse bars – made up of nuts, raisins, fudge and cereal pieces in a chocolate bar – may have featured in tubs of Cadbury Heroes but went out of production back in 2006

The sorely-missed Trio chocolate bar, which consists of soft toffee, milk chocolate and biscuit, is set to return to our shelves, 13 years after it left them

McVitie’s Gold bars – crunchy biscuit bars with a caramel flavour coating – are still popular among the sweet toothed

Ritz crackers ‘n cheesy dip packs, a savoury biscuit with a gooey cheese dip, were the go-to snack of choice in the 90s

Men and women were avid fans of the United Bar – a delicious piece of biscuit covered in chocolate that had a honeycomb-like crisp layer

Taxi bars, which were made with layers of wafer, caramel, and chocolate creme, was wrapped in a New York taxi cab style design wrapper

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